Old Tool Box Turned To Treasure!

Old Tool Box Turned To Treasure!


It’s amazing of what a good coat of paint can do. See here how I transformed this special old tool box with just a single coat of paint, and a little bit of stamping, into a beautiful piece of decor for our home.


This old tool box is extra special to me. When my sister and I were young, my grandfather made each of us one of these wooden tool boxes, and bought us each a set of tools to put in it. Continue reading

Rusty Chicken Feeder To Rustic Centerpiece!

Rusty Chicken Feeder To Rustic Centerpiece!

Learn how to transform a rusty, old object into a beautiful centerpiece! This old chicken feeder was found castaway on the farm… But with a little bit of cleaning and a little bit of vision, it has now been re-purposed into a lovely piece of art for our home.


I’ve been seeing chicken feeders used as planters on Pinterest for awhile now, and have really been loving them… So when I stepped into the old barn back on the farm, I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across this rusty old chicken feeder laying in the dirt…


How could I not have ever noticed this before?! Continue reading

Transform An Ugly Table With A Simple Stamp!

Transform An Ugly Table With A Simple Stamp!


Learn how to easily transform an old ugly table into something new, that you love! With a little bit of paint and a simple stamp, the transformation process couldn’t get any easier!


A couple of months ago, I picked up a set of stamps to try out on some of my furniture projects. Although I had never used stamps before, and was a tiny bit scared, they turned out to be the really user-friendly and super forgiving to messy DIY-er, like myself! Continue reading

5 Steps To Get That Perfect Farmhouse Paint Finish!

5 Steps To Get That Perfect Farmhouse Paint Finish!

When it comes to upcycling furniture, farmhouse style is my favorite! Its rustic looking, it gives character, and it also hides any imperfections that would normally be considered flaws, really well! Here I will share with you the routine that I use for getting that really rustic, yet perfect, farmhouse style paint finish!


Achieving the perfect farmhouse paint finish can seem like it takes a lot of work… but it really can be so much fun!


I never really know what I am going to end up with once I start! Continue reading

How to Plant Succulents in Pretty Tea Cups!

How to Plant Succulents in Pretty Tea Cups!

Have you added succulents to your home yet?! These are really beautiful and hardy plants, that are very easy to care for. Here, I will show you how to pot succulents in pretty teacups and teapots, without drainage holes.


In addition to this little succulent potting tutorial, I have teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers! We have decided to help bring you a fun summer outdoors-y blog hop, full of fun ideas for your home! Don’t forget to check them out at the end of this post! 🙂 Continue reading

Rustic DIY Potting Bench (Old Table & Shoe Rack)

Rustic DIY Potting Bench (Old Table & a Shoe Rack)

This Rustic DIY Potting Bench was created from an old farmhouse table and a shoe rack… Follow along as I share tips and tricks of how I did it, so you can devise your very own, for your home!


I’m not sure whether I enjoy digging in the dirt more for planting flowers, or for hunting for antique bottles… Both get my hands dirty, and both are relaxing! Continue reading

Transform Ugly Hardware into Something Lovely!

Transform Ugly Hardware into Something Lovely!

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect hardware for whatever gorgeous project you are working on… Here, I will show you how to save money by transforming your already existing, ugly hardware into something fresh and new that you will love!

About a month ago, I purchased an old china cabinet from the 1970’s to makeover and sell. My husband did not like it. He took really fast corners on the way home, hoping it would fall out of the back of the truck… But it didn’t!

I’ve been slowly making it over for weeks, just painting a little bit here and there, whenever I could. It took a few coats of paint along with some sanding and distressing. Continue reading

Farmhouse Style Garden Retreat Ideas

Rustic Farmhouse Style Garden Retreat Ideas!

Create the perfect get-away by creating a relaxing, rustic, Farmhouse Style Garden Retreat, in your very own back yard! Use this list of my favorite, charming, Farmhouse Style Garden Retreat Ideas to help create a soft and relaxing atmosphere, by using natural elements, such as terra cotta pots, wooden lanterns, galvanized metal and lots of mixed shades of white.

Last summer we added a brick patio area to our yard, as a place where we can sit to keep an eye on our young children playing in their tree-house/sandbox/swing-set/play area.

This area would also serve as the perfect place to host my lovely fellow neighborhood-moms when they bring their children over to play. We often try to get together throughout the summer to sip a refreshing glass of Moscatto or Sangria, and of course let the children run wild! Continue reading

DIY Easter Bunny Topiary Trees & Easter Blog Hop!

DIY Easter Bunny Topiary Trees & Easter Blog Hop!These stylish, mossy, Easter Bunny Topiary Trees will add the perfect touch of Easter elegance to any home! Learn how to devise your very own Easter Bunny Topiary Tree with these really simple materials and easy steps! Plus join me for an Easter Blog Hop, as some of my favorite fellow bloggers share how they’ve gotten ready for Easter this season!

I’ve been wanting to try making my own topiary trees for awhile now, since some of the beautiful ones that I come across in the stores seem just a little bit on the expensive side. Since it’s almost Easter, and I’ve been needing to throw together an Easter project for this year as well, I thought why not try and blend the two! And well, this is what I came up with… Continue reading

Spring Burlap Printables for Free!

Get your very own copies of these super cute Spring Burlap Printables for Free!These Spring Burlap Printables are a really easy and cute way to update your home decor for each Spring! They are farmhousey-chic, and add a cute little pop of color mixed with a touch of rustic, to any area of your home! Oh, and did I mention that you can get your very own copies for free!

I’ve been trying to stay consistent with my burlap printables ever since I dreamed and devised up the first set. I loved them so much, that I keep re-creating the burlap look for the different seasons and holidays. I’ve been keeping them the same size too, so that I can keep reusing the same cute frames that I was able to pick up at the dollar store… Continue reading