Magical Morning Coffee – The best trick ever!

4Hey Coffee Lovers! Do you love coffee as much as I do? Its my fav, and I do not function properly without it… Recently, I have discovered the most simple, yet most magical little trick to make my morning coffee even more special! And by special — I mean extra frothy! And no — you don’t need any extra special, fancy coffee machines!

All you need to do is take your coffee cream, and before you put it into your coffee…. shake it up! And I mean shake it, vigorously! (Exercise & coffee? Bonus!)…. Then add the cream into your coffee, stir as normal, and enjoy!

It may sound absolutely silly, but don’t knock it until you try it! I did it once and have never looked back! 😉

Vinegar & Water De-Icer — Does this really work?!

2Well, here in south-eastern Ontario we have finally been hit with our first snowstorm of the season, yahhhhh!!!!!! (And no, I’m not being sarcastic!)

Although I am absolutely so excited about finally getting some snow…. my truck windshield and windows are now completely covered with ice!

Every year, I see and read tons of blogs and blips about mixing water and vinegar to use as a car window de-icer…. and every year I think “Hey — What a great idea… I must try this!”…. And every year, I never do…. Until now!

Just about every recipe using vinegar and water that I read, called for about 1 part water and 3 parts vinegar. So, I found myself a nifty spray bottle and started mixing.

I then took a beautiful “before” picture of my truck window, and then started a-spraying! I then started waiting…. and waiting…. and waiting. Nothing happened! If anything, the sprayed mixture just created another layer of ice on my window… Eek!

Thanks to my simple little experiment, I can now safely tell you not to waste your time, it does not work! However, that being said, further research indicates that vinegar may be used to prevent ice build up, but whether or not this actually works, I cannot say.

If you have tried this and had a different outcome, please let me know! And for more tips & tricks on keeping your windows ice-free, check this awesome Creek Line House post out: Handy tips to de-ice your car and windshield!

Memoirs of a 178 year-old Farmhouse – Wallpaper Edition

Welcome to the very first edition of, Memoirs of a 178 year-old Farmhouse! This is the very old, (and very intriguing) farmhouse that I grew up in, and of which my parents still reside in, to this very day. This house was built in 1838, and is one containing somewhat of a colorful history, as at one time, it was an inn with a saloon, bordering the railway tracks in the now sometimes forgotten, community of Anson, Ontario.13

I have always been completely intrigued and fascinated with this farmhouse, whether it be antique and treasure hunting, ghost stories, or just plain research and facts. One of the remarkable things about this beautiful old farmhouse is that believe it or not, there are still a few rooms in the home containing the original wallpaper…. and oh — what wallpaper it is!

This is the wallpaper that can be found in the old saloon, or in what we refer to as “the Bar-Room”. In this tiny room, you can actually tell exactly where the bar tender stood, as that spot in the floor is worn down and indented. My parents absolutely hate this wallpaper, but I of course, love it! It looks a little orange-y in the photos, but don’t be fooled… it is pretty pink!15

Below is the wallpaper from the old basement stairway…. I can’t be sure, but I assume that it would have consumed the entire kitchen at one point in time. It is definitely tied in first place with the bar-room wallpaper, as my favorite! 14

The most ornate original room left in the house, is the room that was at one time used as the parlor room. It has beautiful wooden moldings around the windows and doors, and beautiful intricate wooden paneling beneath the windows.     16

Connected to the parlor room of the house, is what once would have been the “Picture Room”. This room would have been full of photos…. I can only imagine what it would have been like, back in its prime…. (If only wallpaper could talk!)17

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of, Memoirs of a 178 year-old Farmhouse! Lots more to come, as I cannot wait to share more with you!
















How To Create: The Perfect Jello Shot!

2Jello shooters are my favorite type of shot… They taste delicious and go down easy — perfect for getting the party started!

It took me many years, many half-set shots, and even a few straws and bowls to perfect the perfect jello shot! Some have even referred to me as the Jello Shooter Queen… and now my friends, it is time that I shared this knowledge with you!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 pack of Jello
  • 1 cup of boiling Water
  • 1 cup of Vodka or Rum
  • Disposable Shooter Cups

All you need to do, is follow the directions on the back of the jello pack, but replace the cold water with Vodka or Rum. Next fill your disposable shooter cups. (I usually get about 24 shots per package of jello)… Chill in the fridge and let set for at least 2 hours. Serve and enjoy!

Tip: I always mix my jello shots in a large measuring cup… this way, they are easy to pour into the shooter cups!


The Best Toilet Bowl & Sink Cleaner – EVER!


Want to know what the best sink & toilet bowl cleaner is — ever?! You’re never going to guess!!!
Its…. Mouthwash!!!!! How did I discover this super-weird phenomenon? Well, let’s just say… laziness + don’t ask!
All you need to do, is use mouthwash like you would any other regular, household cleaner. So simple, and it smells so good!

Make The Best Pizza Ever!



Want to make the BEST PIZZA ever??! Its really not that hard! Time after time, I make pizza for my guests and they love it…. and they always want to know what is my secret?! 😉

So what is my secret? Well, it’s not only superb — but super-simple too! The answer is…. Even distribution, but of course! All you have to do, is take all of your toppings (including the cheese), and mix them together in a bowl before spreading them on your pizza! Secretly Superb!

The Flyest Fruit Fly Trap Ever! – [Dr. Sista-Thang-Says!]

1Guess what…. I can actually buy fruit now! I no longer have to worry about those super-annoying, super-gross fruit flies! (And yes, I actually quit buying fruit because of this!) — My Sista-Thang actually passed this one on to me, and it works soooo good! Thanks SO much Michelle, for sharing this awesome secret with us! 🙂

What you’ll need:

– 1/4 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

– 1 Tspn of Dish Detergent

– 1 Glass

– Saran Wrap

All you need to do is mix the Apple Cider Vinegar with the Dish Detergent in the glass. Next cover the glass with Saran Wrap and poke some holes in it. And — That’s it! (Seriously!)

How it works: The Apple Cider Vinegar attracts the pesky fruit flies into the glass through the holes in the Saran Wrap. Once the fruit fly is in there the Dish Detergent weighs the little guy down, and the sucker is TRAPPED! Yes! Awesome! 🙂