No Mantel? No Problem! – Barn Board Stocking Hanger

3No mantel?! No problem! I finally was able to come up with a solution for one of my biggest issues over the Christmas holidays… I have no mantel, and therefore, no place to hang our stockings — until now, that is!

This Barn Board Stocking Hanger took me less than 10 MINUTES to make, and it cost LESS than 20 BUCKS to make!

I found the glass and porcelain knobs at the cutest, little antique shop in the quaint, little town of Stirling, Ontario. I know that places like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby sell plastic ones as well!4The first thing that I did was measure and mark where I wanted to locate my knobs on┬ámy piece of barn board, (scavenged from my parents 187 yr. old farmhouse!)… I then drilled holes and screwed in the knobs, and viola! Done!

Oh, and to hang it — I used this nifty little trick from The Creek Line House!

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