DIY Rose Petal Air Freshener In A Mason Jar

6I recently celebrated my birthday — 29 and Feelin’ Fine! And to my amazement… My husband actually bought me flowers! [Side Note: Guys, if you’re reading this, buy your lady some flowers! Seriously, on any day — it will make her day! Or even pick some! LOL] They were beautiful red roses and they smelled so amazing, that when they started to wilt about a week later, I thought to myself — How can I make these last longer?! So, this is what I came up with! Not only does it smell SO good, it took like 10 minutes to make! Seriously! ūüėÄ

Step 1: The first thing that I did was remove the rose heads from the stems. Then I used my trusty Uloo and an old cutting board to chop them up.

Step 2: Next, I sprinkled some regular old table salt onto the chopped up rose petals. I then placed them into my mason jar.

Step 3: I then doubled up a small piece of tulle, covered the jar opening, screwed on the lid, and then trimmed the edges that poked out. I them wrapped a small string of pearls around the neck of the jar for “garnish”!

That’s it! Super easy & Super cute! Remember to give your Air Freshener a little shake every once in a while to revive the beautiful aroma! And, if you liked this post, you will LOVE my good friend Courtenay’s DIY Mercury Glass Mason Jar Air Freshener!

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