Four Ingredient Gourmet Burgers (The quick and tasty burger hack!)

Four Ingredient Gourmet Burgers! (The quick and tasty burger hack, that you need to know about!)

BBQ season is among us! Woohoo!

One of my favorite summer dinners is a good old-fashioned homemade burger! I’ve really been working on perfecting my burger recipe for years and years… And let me tell you, this burger is packed with flavor! It looks and tastes just like a gourmet burger!

But unlike your usual gourmet burger, this one is extremely quick and easy to prepare, and I mean… Extremely. Easy!

It takes just four ingredients… Four. Ingredients! Continue reading

3 Ingredient Meat-Loaf

3 Ingredient Meat-Loaf

3 Ingredient Meat-Loaf — Prep Time: 2 Min, Bake Time: 1 Hour

Ok — the secret is out! You can make the most delicious meat-loaf with only 3 ingredients — Yes, literally THREE INGREDIENTS! This meat-loaf is also a major winner because it takes only one hour to bake, and like two seconds to throw together! Well, ok, maybe like two minutes… but still — Amazing! Continue reading