Christmas Home Tour – Part II – The Great Out-Doors!

Ahh… Welcome to the great-outdoors — Of my front yard, that is!

When we moved into our cozy, dream-home, one of the things that I was so excited about, was the pretty front porch that I would get to decorate! Since decorating a ginormous front porch can get a little costly, I tried to use items that I already had, plus lots of greenery from the back yard.

I made my very own Cedar Boughs with some wire and pliers. I then made these super-easy, 2-Minute Bows, from only one roll of geo-mesh for $10. 6To dress up the area around the front doors, I made very, very simple Christmas urns. I used my cheap summer flower pots, but spray-painted them all a metallic-black color to make them match. Next I stuck boughs of Spruce into the pots, and then tied very simple mini-version-bows onto the boughs. 14Last night when I was about to do my photo shoot, I realized that I didn’t have a wreath for my door — a major faux-pas! So in house-coat, high-heels (because they were the closest shoes to me??!), I dug out the ladder to find my old Christmas wreath…. It wasn’t anywhere! Panic-Alert!!!! So after running around trying to come up with something else to use, I found this cute, little, tin-bucket and stuck some old garland and branches of cedar in it. Whew — Crisis averted! 

Matt, (my husband), was in charge of the Christmas lights, and I must say, he did a fabulous job!10Below is my big, beautiful, grape-vine wreath that my wonderful mother made for our wedding! It’s about 5 feet in diameter, and I absolutely love it! All I did to “Christmas-Up” my wreath was add some lights to it, wrap it in red geo-mesh, and add a matching cedar bough and bow to it. It’s so sparkly and pretty… definitely my favorite piece of holiday decor, this year! 5Total cost for this front porch Christmas decor, $21.00!!!! $10.00 on geo-mesh, and $11.00 on spray paint…. Now, all we need is some snow!!!!!!!


Wreath Decorating for Beginners! (In just 3 EASY steps!)

Ahhh…. Wreath decorating with faux flowers…. what can I say?! It’s really not that hard! (I promise!)…. Check out these 3 EASY steps for applying equal coverage to a wreath of any size!

Tick-Tock…. just pretend it’s a Clock!

Step 1: After selecting your faux flowers or fauna, trim the stems to about 4″. (I find that a small pair of side cutters works best for this!)Step 1Step 2: Start by placing one colour of flower at 12, 3, 9 & 6 o’clock. Follow up by placing the other flower colours directly beside those first placed flowers. Continue to do so until all of your flowers have been used!step 2Step 3: To add an extra POP! to your wreath, add large random flowers to about 10/11 and 5 o’clock. See?? Sooooo EASY!!!! 

Step 3

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DIY Harvest Wreath — (In 4 Easy Steps!)

Feature ImageIt’s July, and if Harvest Season hasn’t started yet in your area, it will be soon! I am SO in LOVE with the way this Simple, DIY, Harvest Wreath turned out …. and to make it even better, I was able to hand-pick this wheat right off of the family farm where I grew up! If you are harvesting your own wheat out of the fields for crafts, you need to harvest it about 2 weeks prior to harvest season when the wheat is in the doughy stage. To tell if it is in the doughy stage, take a bite into it and if it’s chewy, you are good to go! Don’t worry if you aren’t able to hand-pick your wheat, it is available in most craft stores too! 🙂
step 1
Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is trim your wheat to have about a 2″ stem. If you are picking your own wheat out of the field, I highly suggest that you just cut off 2″ stems out there. And yes — I did learn this the hard way…. I had to cut each wheat stem twice! LOLStep 2Step 2: Tie your wheat into bundles of 3-5 heads. You could use any type of string that you have on hand, but I found that Florist’s Wire works the best! Just cut it into 1.5″ pieces and wrap around the wheat…. Way easier than tying a million little knots! (Don’t worry — you don’t have to really tie a “million” knots!)Step 3Step 3: Use a glue gun to attach the wheat to your macrame ring, or grapevine wreath, (I used a grapevine wreath because it’s what I already had on hand). You will want to start gluing at the top of the wreath and overlay each bundle on top of the previous one. Once you have done a full lap around the whole wreath, go back to the top and fill in any bare spots.Step 4Step 4: Use florist’s wire to attach your bow and hang your wreath! SO simple and SO beautiful!
Tip: If you need help making a bow, check out my good friend Courtenay’s simple instructions for making The Perfect Bow, over at The Creek Line House!