3 Ingredient MeatLoaf (2 Minute Prep, 1 Hour Bake)

3 Ingredient MeatLoaf (2 Minute Prep, 1 Hour Bake Time) #Meatloaf #3IngredientRecipes #Recipes


Ok… The secret is out! You can make the most delicious meatloaf with only 3 ingredients … Yes, literally THREE INGREDIENTS! This meatloaf is also a major winner because it takes only one hour to bake, and like two seconds to throw together! Well, ok, maybe like two minutes… but still — Amazing!


3 Ingredient MeatLoaf – Prep Time: 2 Min, Bake Time: 1 Hour


I make this meatloaf all of the time for my family when I am in a rush, but still looking for something tasty and hearty. And its definitely my go-to meal for when my father-in-law stops by!

This meatloaf tastes absolutely delicious just the way it is, but if you are looking for something a little more complex, I have added a few tips in for you too!


All you to make your meatloaf need is:

  • 1.5 – 2 lbs of Hamburger
  • 1 box of Kraft Stove-Top Stuffing Mix
  • 1/2 cup of Milk



Step One: Add all three ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Mix until everything evenly distributed.

Tip: You always have the option to add in more spices to your meat-loaf if you like!


Step Two: Place the mixture into a baking dish and cover with foil.

Tip: If you are looking for something a little more on the fancy side (maybe company is coming?!), add a thin layer of ketchup to the top of your meatloaf…. and, if you want to get even more fancy, sprinkle on some shredded cheese!


Step Three: Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and then place your meatloaf into the oven, and bake for one hour.

Tip: Remember, if you are using a shallow baking dish, it will take less time for your meatloaf to bake. This means, maybe check it at about 45 minutes in… this will ensure that it doesn’t dry out on you!



Step Four: Serve & Enjoy!

Yes, that’s it! It’s that easy, and it’s that delicious! 😉



3 Ingredient MeatLoaf (2 Minute Prep, 1 Hour Bake Time) #Meatloaf #3IngredientRecipes #Recipes




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3 Ingredient MeatLoaf (2 Minute Prep, 1 Hour Bake Time) #Meatloaf #3IngredientRecipes #Recipes



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85 thoughts on “3 Ingredient MeatLoaf (2 Minute Prep, 1 Hour Bake)

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  2. This can be microwaved. It’s how I was told. I also added one egg, 1 8oz tomato sauce, and cheese, no milk. Microwave 13 minutes. Then can put equal parts ketchup and brown sugar on top and microwave additional 2 minutes. It’s wonderful and everyone loves it!! Try it and you’ll always make it this way. So much faster!!

    • Thanks for your comment Vicky! I never seem to have any luck when it comes to cooking in the microwave, however this sounds like a great alternative for those who do! 🙂

  3. Do you only use the seasoning packet in the meatloaf or do you make crumbs out of the dressing and mix them in?

    • Hi Carrie! Thanks for your question! You actually use everything out of the stove top dressing box…. seasoning and crumbs. The crumbs will actually moisten up really nice when the meat cooks, and it will all even out moisture-wise! 🙂

  4. I wanted to know if you cook the stuffing first or just put the ingredients in dry? Thanks…making tonight!

    • Hey Deb! You just add the ingredients in dry…. It will moisten up really nicely as the meat cooks. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

    • Hi Kylee! The brand doesn’t have to be stove top…. I personally haven’t tried any other brands, but they definitely should work as well, if similar! 🙂

  5. There’s no way the temp or the time is correct. I just made this exactly as described and mine came out still raw. I will have to cook it at another hour or more at 350 degrees.

    • Hmmm… Do you know what size of pan you were using? I’ve used bread pans and casserole dishes, and even doubled the recipe and only had to cook it for an extra 1/2 hour at 350 degrees… Sorry that this didn’t work for you…

    • When I cook my meat loaf after I add all my ingredients I set mine at 400 or 410 and cook ot for an hour and mine always comes out good and done .. with mine I add stove top, onions, a can of basil oregano and garlic tomatoes. I drain them and then I add hamburger seasoning and I add shredded cheese not alot but sometimes I use that as a substitute for the stove top if I don’t have it . I have to make three batches and I’ll tell you there isn’t any left overs left. So I guess it all depends on your oven too. Let me know if that helped..

    • Hi Nicole! Honestly, I have only used a regular sized pan, and have also tried doubling the recipe… What I would recommend doing is cooking it at the 350 degrees Fahrenheit, for about 30 minutes and then check it to see where it’s at… My guess would be anywhere from 30-45 minutes. I think I will definitely test this one night next week though, and let you know! Thanks for your question! 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing! It’s alright to make this without any egg? I’m excited to try it as we don’t have any in the house at the moment. 😛

    • Hi Kirsten! This was actually invented because I was all out of eggs! Lol… The milk and bread crumbs (stuffing), will keep everything nicely together. Enjoy! 🙂

    • Hi Darryl! I’ve never actually used almond milk myself, but I did a little research and it should be fine to use! The purpose of the milk is to help everything stay together while it cooks, so no chemical properties will be in jeopardy. It might actually give it a little extra flavour, too! Let me know how you make out! 🙂

  7. 3lbs of ground beef do i need 2 boxes of stove top and 1 cup of milk or does the ingredients stay the same

    • Hi Netra! I would definitely recommend using 2 boxes of stuffing and a full cup of milk for 3lbs of meat. I have done this before and it worked great! I would suggest only adding 20-30 minutes extra cooking time, and then check to see if it needs more time… Hope this helps! 🙂

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  10. Have you checked your oven temperature? I know mine is out of whack .. Just a suggestion… not trying to be offensive

    • Hi MaryAnn! I have not actually checked my oven temperature before… I haven’t really noticed any issues with cooking times when I follow other recipes. That being said, I am a checker! I always check half-way through the cooking time to make sure it looks like its going well. I then check about 15 minutes before cooking end-time, and adjust as needed. If it needs a little more time, I usually check at an interval anywhere between every 2-5 minutes after the original cooking time. One of the best investments that I ever made, was a meat thermometer! Turns out I was over-cooking pretty much all of my meat by like 20 minutes or so! Shocking, right?! What kind of trouble is this recipe giving you? Over or under cooked? If over-cooked, I would suggest decreasing the cook time by about 15 minutes, and go from there. If under-cooked, I would suggest increasing the time by about 10 minutes, and then doing 2-5 minute intervals from there. There is also the possibility, that this may not be the right meatloaf recipe for you… I tested it on my dad, since he is the worst food critic ever, when it comes to dry or over-cooked meat, and he actually loved it… But, everyone does have different tastes for sure! I guess try adjusting your cooking time, and let me know if you have any better luck!! 🙂

  11. Is this meal freezer friendly ?
    If so would it be better cooked then
    Frozen or Raw then frozen ? And how long will it last in the freezer ? Thanks for sharing tge recipe making it tonight for supper ?

    • Hi Amanda! I definitely would say that this meal is freezer friendly! I think you could freeze it either way, depending if your beef has already been frozen and thawed or not. If it has, then definitely cook it and then freeze it… But if you are working with raw meat that has not ever been frozen before, you can definitely freeze it before baking! 🙂

  12. Thanks so much for this recipe! I have 3 kiddos with egg allergy, so traditional meatloaf is a no no. Can’t wait to try this!

    • Oh that’s great to hear, Janelle! I never even thought of allergies… I just always forget to buy eggs!! LOL

  13. I made this tonight but turned the meat into meatballs (used ground turkey; added onions and carrots to the mix) served over rice with mushroom soup “gravy.” This recipe was a hit with all of the family (ranging from 88 to 9). Most importantly, it was super easy to throw together on a weeknight and very satisfying. This is a keeper!

    • Mmm… this sounds delicious!!!! What a nice spin on it! I will definitely have to try it sometime! 🙂 And thank you so much for your wonderful comments!

    • Hi Jessica! I personally use the Kraft brand and the chicken flavor… But any brand should work the same, and just choose your favorite flavor! 🙂 (I prefer the chicken because it’s a little more salty!)

  14. I tried this recipe and found, although delicious, it was solid. It didn’t fall apart when cut while it was hot out of the oven. The recipe really needs eggs. The Stove Top Stuffing gave it great flavor. I will try this again and incorporate 2 eggs.

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  16. I have not made this recipe yet, however I have to comment on some of the readers questions. This is a 3 ingredient recipe that’s it. Stop making it more difficult than it is. Also adding eggs to the ingredients does not make it more moist as it is a binder and the result will keep if firm. I never use eggs in homemade burgers or meat loaf. The only time I add eggs to ground meat is for meatballs as that will require binding the meat to form a ball. The moisture in this recipe comes from the milk added to the bread crumb mixture (stove top stuffing). And for the time of cooking, where is your oven rack situated, is it the bottom or the third from the bottom as this will make a huge difference in cooking time and not always the temperature. 350 degrees is a correct setting. Also with newer stoves some settings have convection settings, so watch what you are setting the oven on as convection is great for baking, fries etc. Meat loaf should be in a snug pan (loaf pan) and if cooked proper you can have an awesome meatloaf sandwich the next day if left overs permit. I will comment again after I try this recipe. Thank you for this quick and easy recipe for those rushed days. I love to try all recipes especially when they are easy. Thank you

    • Your right about the eggs. First time I tried it I didn’t use eggs. Second time I did & saw no difference. Why add something when it doesn’t make a difference?? It’s perfect with just the 3 ingredients!

    • I was hoping someone would eventually say something about all the ridiculous questions. Not stating that asking questions are dumb. But… Come on! How hard is it to make a 3 – 4 ingredient recipe? Cooking is all about trial and error. That’s how we learn. I do 2 1/2 lbs. of chuck. To the existing ingredients, I add minced onion, Worcestershire, garlic powder and pepper. Also tomato sauce on top. Cook at 375 for 45 to 1 hour.

  17. I actually made this tonite. I used cornbread stuffing – added a little sweetness. My recipe I found called for 2 eggs and 1 cup water. But I’ll try it this way next time… I very warely have eggs.

  18. I made this last night and we loved it. But instead of milk, I used 1 can of Campbell’s tomatoes soup (no milk) and a squeeze of barbeque sauce. And the stuffing mix was Sage flavored Stove Top. My husband is really the cook in our family and he loved it. True, that’s 4 ingredients, but so simple. My daughter is lacrosse intolerant, so just the idea of even a touch of dairy makes her refuse to eat, hence the change in your recipe. I will definitely do this again. Even I couldn’t ruin this. So Good!

    • Oh, what a great a twist Cheryl! Love how you were able to make it work for your daughter, but it sounds so good that I’m going to have to try it that way even though I am not lactose intolerant! ;D

  19. Def doesn’t take an hour! Still raw. Had to do another hour n waiting to see if it’s still raw or not. But tasted n end piece, getting juicy n looking good.

    • Your oven must have to be adjusted. They sell temperature gauges that you place in the oven to see how hot the oven is getting. Always make sure the inside of the meatloaf is reaching 165 degrees. You don’t want to get food poisoning.

    • Hi Mona! No you do not have to cook the stove-top first. It will absorb the juices as the meat cooks. 🙂

  20. This is by far my favorite meatloaf recipe! I’m craving it but it’s hotter than heck here – can I do this in the crockpot? If so what directions are different?

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  22. Put into muffin tins and bake 20 minutes at 400 degrees. Use a spoon to make divetand fill with bbq/ cheese or green chilies/ cheese the possibilities are endless

  23. I can’t wait to try this! If I were to use a meat thermometer, what temperature should it be? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I’m just getting into cooking. Lol

    • Hi June! I’ve never used buttermilk, but if it is the same consistency as regular milk, then it should be fine! 🙂

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  25. I added a small can of corn, cheese and garlic, it was great. I haven’t made meatloaf in a long time because I just couldn’t get it done in the middle. Thank you so much for this recipe.

    • Hi Jeannemarie! I have not tried using water, but I honestly don’t see why you couldn’t. It should work fine. Please let me know how you make out! 🙂

  26. This was really good. I did add an egg and a little Worcester. Topped with Diana Sauce and cheese as you mentioned and it was great.
    Thank You ?

    • I use a bread pan size! 8-1/2 x 4-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches… You can use a shallower pan instead if you like, but it may take a few less minutes on the cooking time… Hope you enjoy! 🙂

  27. I have made this recipe before and it’s very good. Have you tried making this in a crockpot? I’d like to make it today but it’s too hot out to run the oven.

    • Hi, I made mine in the crockpot and it turned out great! I recommend lining the crock with foil so that it hangs over the sides so you have handles to take it out with. (I didn’t do that and just cut mine in half and used a spatula to remove.
      I made mine with 1lb 93% lean beef and 1lb pork and added about 1/4 cup chicken broth. About 7 1/2 hours on low or 4-5 on high should do it. Just be sure it’s cooked to 160°.

      I know I’m a little late for summer cooking but it’s one of those anytime recipes!

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  29. Tried this recipe tonite and it was delicious! I added 2 eggs and the texture was perfect. I also added a little ketchup and a dash of mustard. Best of all..I did not tell my husband about the stuffing mix because he doesn’t like stuffing. But he thought this meatloaf recipe was great! Like so many things , what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Will definitely make this again and again.

  30. I followed the recipe and it was so very delicious. My husband loved it.. I wish that everyone would follow the recipe as posted and stop adding things to it and then complain about the recipe. 350 for 1 hour done, not sure why some are baking it for 2 hours, also no eggs people , that’s what is binding it, it does not make it juicy or tender. Your binder in this recipe is the stove top dressing (basically seasoned bread crumbs) and milk, that’s it. Please stop changing the original recipe and learn to trust first then you can change or add after you tried or tasted the original then you have tweeked it to your own. Cooking is something you want to share with others and celebrate not insults.

  31. I can’t make a meatloaf to save my life. Really never liked it as a kid..my mom couldn’t cook. My husband loves meatloaf so gonna give this a try. Looks good.

  32. Made it tonight for my elderly dad. He loved it. I like my old recipe better. It was very easy and tasted okay to me, but my dad said it was delicious. Much more solid than my recipe (which has oats, ketchup, tad of worcestershire). Glad I tried it and found a recipe he feels comfortable making.

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