Salmon Stir Fry (Super quick and super tasty!)

Salmon Stir-Fry (Super quick, and super tasty!)

This Salmon Stir-Fry was devised because I am always trying to come up with really easy and fast recipes, that still have a slight twist of gourmet, for my family and I. This is one of my favorites, that has pretty much been perfected by now!

It only takes four ingredients, and about roughly fifteen to twenty minutes to put together.

What you’ll need:

Fresh Salmon Fillet

3 cups of Frozen (or fresh) mixed Stir-Fry Vegetables

2 cups of 5-Minute Rice

1 bottle of Teriyaki Sauce (I really like, and always use the VH Teriyaki Sauce!)

What you’ll need to do:

Step One: Using a frying pan with a lid, poach your salmon on medium-low, for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Step Two: While your salmon is cooking, using another frying pan or pot, cook your frozen vegetables on medium heat, until they are fully heated through.

Step Three: While you are waiting for your veggies and salmon to cook, prepare your 5-Minute Rice, as per the regular instructions.

Step Four: Add the sauce to your rice, once it has been fully cooked, and let simmer on low until you are ready to serve.

Step Five: There are two easy ways to serve this dish… The first is to dice up your salmon, and mix it together with the rice and veggies. The second way, is to spoon your rice onto a plate, and your add your salmon on top of your rice, and then add your veggies. (If you are going for a more gourmet-ish look, use the second way, and garnish with fresh herbs.)

Step Six: Serve and enjoy!

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Salmon Stir-Fry (Super quick and super tasty!)

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