Get More out of your Hamburger Helper

Mmm…. I LOVE Hamburger Helper! It is my super-easy, just got home from work, go-to dinner. The only problem is, that now that we are a family of three, there is just never enough of it! Here is a super-duper-easy way to GET MORE out of your Hamburger Helper! ūüôāGet MoreAll you need is 1 extra cup of noodles, 1 can of Tomato Soup, and 1 extra cup of Water…. That’s it! Just three simple ingredients that can almost always be found on-hand! ¬†
mmm -  YummyFollow the original directions on the back of the Hamburger Helper Box, and add in the extra 3 ingredients. Stir and cook as usual. No extra cooking time needed!! ūüėČFinished ProductServe into a pretty bowl and add a garnish for fun! ūüôā Or, if nobody is looking…. GO AHEAD — Eat it right out of the pot! ūüėõ