How to Remove those Tough, Set-In Laundry Stains

How to Remove those Tough, Set-In Laundry Stains

Whether spaghetti, paint, chocolate, marker, ice cream or whatever… My little ones are always coming home with stained clothing. Instead of just throwing out this clothing like I used to, I have now developed an amazing stain removal process, that actually works! This process now saves me a lot of clothes, money, time, and waste!

Psst! Can you keep a secret?! Some who know me may already know this, but to be honest, I’ve just never really been that great at laundry…

I actually used to hate it, and well, although I still hate folding mostly, I am now obsessed with removing hard-to-get out stains! I now take it on as a personal challenge, and I love succeeding!

Believe it or not, I used to treat whites and lights as pretty much disposable clothing… wear once, mess it up, and then throw it out. However, that has all changed now that I have come up with the ultimate stain removal process! And I’m not talking just instant stains, I’m talking about those stubborn, old, set-in stains too!

How to Remove those Tough, Set-In Laundry Stains

My girls wear a lot of light pink clothing, and let me tell you… They are pretty messy girls! But what fun is growing up, if you can’t get messy?! Now that I have this new process, they can wear as much light pink and other colors as they want! I usually save up all of their super-stained clothing in a basket, and then do one load per week.

So here is my actual process for removing those tough, set-in laundry stains:

I fill my kitchen sink (because my laundry tub is located down in the scary, yucky basement!), with about 2-3 inches of hot water. While the sink is filling, I pour in 1 cup of my favorite laundry stain remover.

How to Remove those Tough, Set-In Laundry Stains

How to Remove those Tough, Set-In Laundry Stains

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Then I take one piece of clothing at a time and add it to the water in the sink, pressing it down to make sure that it is completely saturated. I do this piece by piece until they are all in and 100% saturated and then I take the whole stack and flip them over, just for extra measure.

How to Remove those Tough, Set-In Laundry Stains

If you need to add a little more hot water in order to ensure everything is super-saturated, go ahead, but really try not to add anymore water than is necessary because you don’t want to dilute your solution very much at all.

It is important to let your clothes soak in the solution for at least one hour.

How to Remove those Tough, Set-In Laundry Stains

Next, I remove each piece of clothing one by one, and hand-wring them out. I then throw them all together in the washing machine with regular detergent and softener and put them on the heavy soil and extra rinse cycle. After it’s complete, I just dry them as usual.

The first time I tried this, I wasn’t very confident that it was going to work, but it did! I cannot believe that I have been wasting so much clothing and money this whole entire time! So if you are having a hard time removing those stubborn stains, give this process a try and see if it works for you! 

Do you have a favorite trick or special process that you use for removing laundry stains?! Tell me about it in the comment section! 🙂


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How to Remove those Tough, Set-In Laundry Stains