Magic Tile and Grout Cleaner!

Magic Tile and Grout Cleaner!

Where we live, we are on well water, and let me tell you, our water is very, very rich in iron! It’s supposed to be pretty healthy for us to drink, so that’s good, but when it comes to cleaning, it’s just ridiculous!
Our sinks, tubs, toilets and showers are always turning orange on us. Even when it comes to laundry, our whites will sometimes actually come out with orange spots on them, especially our white towels!
All though I have pretty much given up on keeping our white laundry white, I have found some pretty good hacks for when it comes to cleaning up the orange left on everything else!

When I need to get the orange off of my sinks or tubs, I use Magic Erasers! They work wonderfully, but when it comes to grout, I’ve found that they deteriorate really fast, so they are not exactly one hundred percent ideal for that.
I do however have another favorite cleaning product that actually works wonders for removing the orange off of the grouted areas in my home… Believe it or not, it’s Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner!

It works so well in my poor orange toilet bowls, that I thought that I would try using it on the grout in my shower… Let me tell you, it is magical stuff! It doesn’t even take any scrubbing or elbow grease!

Magic Tile and Grout Cleaner!All you have to do is place it where you need to clean, so that it will drip all the way down.

I wait until it drips all of the way down, then I take a damp Cloth and smear it all over the tiles and grout that I want to clean.

Magic Tile and Grout Cleaner!

Then, I just let it sit there for about thirty minutes, then rinse it off, and really, it’s that easy! It’s seriously magic stuff!


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Magic Tile and Grout Cleaner!

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