How to Clean & Organize (When you really don’t want to!)

10This room is soooo messy and embarrassing, you aren’t even getting one tiney-tiny little shot of the disaster zone! My daughter went through this little phase where she would open all of the cupboards and drawers and pull EVEREYTHING out…. And after numerous attempts of piecing the room back together, I just finally gave up! This room is actually my “Zebra Dressing/Craft Room”…. Meaning it’s full of tiny little things, like make-up, nail polish, jewelry, paint, glue, beads, ribbon, etc…. all of the stuff that gets super messy, tangled up, and super unorganized! (Hey – that sounds a lot like my life, just in general! Lol)
Ok, so….. Where to start? Where to start?! Well after just standing there staring for awhile, I decided the best place to start was to clear off the countertop. I started by organizing everything into separate piles for general categories: Hair Stuff, Make-Up & Lotions, Nail Polish, Craft Stuff, Home Décor & of course, a miscellaneous/to-be-sorted-later pile. I also created a donation pile and of course, a garbage pile! Anything that I no longer use was put into either of these piles…. One major thing to remember is that all creams, lotions and even makeup have expiration dates! This helps a lot when deciding whether to keep or pitch something!1 Looking pretty good, right?! NOT! Still a super-long ways to go!!!!
Ok, so…. Next? Next, I wiped down all of the counter space, just to make it look like I was making a little more progress!

2Now, see these drawers and cupboards?! I am going to take full advantage of them! I am going to go through each one, one at a time, and sort all of the contents into the piles that I mentioned above, and then each pile will be transferred into one of the cupboards or drawers.

3Ok, so here they are! All emptied and wiped down! Looking good – for real this time!

4And my cupboards…. Empty and clean!

5By emptying and cleaning everything, I’ve sort of accomplished the feeling of starting with a clean slate! So now, it’s time to put everything back together…. Before just throwing everything all jumbled back into the cupboards and drawers, I made a plan of what is going to go where.

6As you can see in the photo above, I still decided to keep a miscellaneous or better known as a “junk drawer” – because let’s face it, you are always going to end up with some things that don’t fit into a dedicated category, or that you just don’t have the heart to throw out!
By following my above drawer layout plan, I was able to neatly put everything back into my drawers and cupboards! Also, if you feel that you are going to have a little bit of trouble keeping everything neat and organized, check out some of these great Drawer Organizer from!
I then gave the room a little vacuum, fussed a little with the décor, and voila! All finished!


6 thoughts on “How to Clean & Organize (When you really don’t want to!)

    • Lol…. Of course I would spell that wrong on my graphic! Ooopsie!! Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

  1. Congratulations on having a clean room!! Just out of curiosity, why do you have makeup in your craft room?? Are u a makeup rep?? I used to sell Avon and I had it hidden in a walk in closet using an old changing table to store my stuff and trying to keep a two year old away from my things. Wasn’t easy but payback is blissful as she has a daughter that LOVES to play with her makeup!LOL! Just a suggestion, I do many different crafts. When I go to my craft room to make a card, I pick out all the things I need for cardmaking ie paper stamps embellishments and bring them to my desk in a basket. As I make the card, they go back into my basket or get picked up into the basket. Looks less messy if they aren’t put away immediately. Some things like crayons, stamp pads scissors cutters are kept at arms length so no need for a basket. What I am saying is that I shop around for supplies in my room then put them back into my basket/put them away so it looks less depressing too! BTW love the pink curtains -I painted my old wall unit (from the 80’s) cream and pink inside, most accessories are pink – gray blue walls – black silver curtains but trying to find pink ones!

    • Well… a girl has to look good while she’s crafting, you know! Just kidding!! With two little ones, most of my crafting is done in my PJs with super-messy hair! Shhh! Don’t tell anyone! LOL, but seriously, when we moved into this house this room had these built in counter-tops and cupboards and large mirrors, so I quickly claimed as my “dressing room”! I used to keep my crafting supplies in our office, but accumulated way too many, so my husband kicked me out of the office and I now store them in my dressing/craft room! I love, love, love your idea of shopping for supplies! Kind of like on Master Chief when they shop for cooking supplies! So smart! Plus, I love shopping! Oh and those pink curtains just came from Walmart in the kid’s decor section… only $5! P.S. My mother also enjoys the insane payback my kids put me through!! LOL 🙂

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