How NOT to Potty Train your Toddler!

How NOT to potty train your toddler!!!!


Oh potty training… It sounds so simple, right?! I know that some little ones do amazing and get it right away… but for some moms (like me), it can be an absolute nightmare! Well, we are still working on it over here, so I can’t give you some miracle solution… But — What I can definitely give you, is advice on how NOT to potty train your toddler!


Do NOT ask your child if they need to go potty. This is a major mistake that I am definitely guilty of. Instead of “asking” your child to go potty, “tell” them to go potty! Asking gives them a choice, while “telling” does not!


Do NOT forget to “tell” your child to go potty! Try to be consistent… For example, tell your child to go potty every 15 minutes instead of randomly thinking of it.



Do NOT forget to leave the bathroom door open! Leave it open so that your child is able to access the potty if they feel the need to on their own. (Yep… learned the hard way on this one!)


Do NOT let your child out of your sight! If my little one sneaks off, 9 out of 10 times I find her hiding somewhere with her diaper ripped off, going “potty” on my floor!


Do NOT buy a stepping stool that looks like a potty! Today, my child came to me, and proudly told me that she had just gone pee on the “potty” and wanted to show me… I was so proud… Until I realized that she was referring to her stepping stool as her “potty”. So close, but not quite! LOL



Do NOT forget to always, always, always pack a spare outfit for your child! There is nothing worse than being in the middle of somewhere, and having to leave your shopping cart and either run home to change your child or quickly go buy a new outfit. (Trust me, I know!)


I really, really hope that you find this “Do Not” list helpful! And maybe, just maybe, it might help prevent you from making some of the same mistakes that I make. However, just remember that potty training is a process, and eventually they do get it! The best tip that I can give you is to remember to laugh instead of cry! 😉





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Potty Training! How NOT to do it!!!



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5 thoughts on “How NOT to Potty Train your Toddler!

  1. I’m only 17 and have no children. But, I think this post will be so helpful to parents out there. Such a well written post 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tips! I would have never thought of the stepping stool thing. Did you transition your toddler from a potty on a floor to a real toilet, or did you potty train straight to the toilet?

    • Hi Katie! We actually let Lacee use both the potty on the floor and our toilet. She really likes to be in charge (of everything!), so by giving her the option of either, it sort of let her think that she was in charge when she went on the potty… Weird?! LOL… I think it helped in our case a little! 😀

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