Fast and Fabulous Fall Decor!

Fast and Fabulous Fall Decor!

This year I started out super ready for fall and hit the ground running! I started out with my Free Burlap Fall Printables, and my Burlap Rag Wreath, and thought wow — I am so ready, let’s do this!

Then… Life hit! Turns out that fall is actually, totally the most busiest time of the year for our family… Especially this year.

[Oh! Did I mention that some of my favorite bloggers and I throwing a teeny, tiny Fall Decor Link-Up Party?! Well, we are, and it’s amazing! Follow through the links below this post to check out their completely stunning fall home decor ideas!]

I started back teaching at the local college with a full course load, plus some technologist hours, my oldest daughter, Miss Lacee Grace started school, and my youngest, Miss Soffia Rose started daycare. That alone has been a huge adjustment, trying to get us all ready in the morning, and cleaned up and in bed on time at night! Complete chaos!

Plus this month, we have Soffia’s birthday, then Canadian Thanksgiving, plus our 5th wedding anniversary (holy smokes, we made it till five!!??!), and then Miss Lacee Grace’s birthday. Again, complete chaos! So if you are wondering why The Project Pile has been pretty darn quiet lately, that’s exactly why!

So although I thought that I was totally ready for fall, and was not, I still really wanted to decorate my home for fall, because who doesn’t love fall decorating, right?!

Fast and fabulous is the theme that I used for this year! I bought a few real pumpkins, and then just re-used items out of my big ol’ pile of fall decor stuff, out in The Project Pile! [Oh! Did I mention??! The Project Pile has not only taken over the garage, it has now expanded into the basement! Sorry, Matt! :D]

I found a little bit of faux fur, some faux foliage, and a few faux pumpkins to mix in with the real ones… Oh, and some pine-cones too!

Fast and Fabulous Fall Decor!

For my table setting in the dining room, I decided to use one of my favorite tricks, sticking a ball of faux foliage from the dollar store, into my bowls, and topping them with a cutesy little pumpkin!

Fast and Fabulous Fall Decor!

For my centerpiece, I just used this pretty white Cinderella pumpkin, and fancied it up by sticking some faux foliage underneath. I also added in my pretty farmhouse style pillar candles that I DIY’ed over the summer.

Fast and Fabulous Fall Decor!

Fast and Fabulous Fall Decor!

About two years ago, I started collecting antique and vintage jello moulds… And can you believe, that I actually have a couple of fall moulds in my collection! So exciting!

Fast and Fabulous Fall Decor!

I used some more faux foliage and faux pumpkins to create a little vignette on the dining room buffet.

Fast and Fabulous Fall Decor!

Fast and Fabulous Fall Decor!

Over in the living room, I just added a tiny touch, by piling baby pumpkins and pine-cones onto my double-tiered stand.

I placed some faux fur on the coffee table and added these pretty cork Maple leaf coasters! I love the contrast!


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    • Lol, thanks Emy! I bought it last summer and then completely forgot that it existed! I was soooo excited when I re-found it! 😀

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  3. I love the contrast of the cork coasters too! They bring in a natural raw feel, like bark without the tree! lol And your dining buffet vignette is stunning, so well done!

    • Thanks so much!! And oh man…. Topiary rounds! My brain just would not come up with the proper terminology! LOL 😀

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