How to make a pretty set of Hooks with Authentic Barn Board

I collected a few pieces of beautiful, authentic barn board some time ago from my parents’ farm and it took me a really long time to figure out what to do with them…

One ended up as a sign to use in pictures for my sister’s gorgeous old-world-style wedding.

I used another piece to make my DIY painted flower box. (Which you can check out right, here!)

That left me with one final piece from the farm, and after a while, I finally came up with the perfect idea – a pretty set of hooks… you know, for hanging stuff! Like hats and purses… or even Christmas stockings!

It was actually really easy to make this pretty and unique set of hooks… But once I had finally figured out what I wanted to do with my last piece of barn board from the farm, I had to find my hooks!

I knew that I wanted to use antique-like glass or china knobs for my hooks, but they were a little challenging to find at the time that I was trying to complete the project. However now-a-days, these pretty antique-like knobs are a lot more popular and can be found at just about any crafting or home décor shop.

I finally found what I was looking for at a little eclectic shop in my home town, that you’ve probably heard me mention before, since it’s pretty much my all-time favorite shop – The Vintage Junction, located in the teeny, tiny town of Stirling, Ontario!

I had originally wanted to use all clear glass knobs for this project, but as soon as I saw the other pretty knobs of different colors and shapes, I knew that I was in trouble… I kind of, pretty much, had to get one of each! Clearly, there was no other option! 😉

I ended up getting two of my pretty clear knobs that I had originally planned for…

This really pretty flower shaped knob…

This really simple knob with a gold-colored accent…

And then, another simple knob with some fancier gold detailing on it!

I ended up with 5 knobs in total, and I can’t even tell you which is my most favorite. I love them all!

The tools that I used for this project included a drill, measuring “device” (I had to use a level because I couldn’t find my measuring tape – of course!), and a sharpie.

I played around with the order of my hooks until I liked what I saw. Then I measured and marked on my barn board so that they would be evenly spaced and level! 

After marking my board, I then drilled my holes. Next, I screwed in my knobs, and that was it! This was a really simple and quick project to devise… Once I had actually dreamed up and designed it first, that is!

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8 thoughts on “How to make a pretty set of Hooks with Authentic Barn Board

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  3. Love it. Nicely done.
    Did you have to treat your barn board first? How weel did it hold up to the drilling? I have some and it is pretty dry. Also wondering if I should sand it or disinfect in some way before having it come indoors possibly with unwanted life forms. Thoughts?

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