De-Leaf a Cabbage – The Proper Way & The Easy Way!

Ahhh, the secret to de-leafing the fabled cabbage! Sounds scary, but really isn’t! ūüėČFeature Image
What you’ll need:
– A chopping knife
– A cabbage-sized pot
– 2 forks
– Water
– A cabbage (But, of course!)
Step 1: Chop off the bottom of the cabbage, and try to de-core a little ways in, (kind of like de-coring just the bottom part of an apple).
Step 2: Put the cabbage into the pot, bottom down, and fill with water. Boil for at least 5 minutes.
Step 3: Remove the pot from heat until the water stops boiling and very carefully use the two forks to roll the cabbage so it is bottom-up… yes, bottom’s up!! ūüėČ
Step 4: Use one fork to hold the cabbage in place, and use¬†the second fork to peel the leaves off, one leaf at a time. Only peel leaves that come off easy…. If your leaves aren’t peeling easy, than you need to boil your cabbage for a little longer.
Tip: I can usually peel 4 leaves at a time, and then I stuff them. While I am stuffing the first 4 leaves, the other leaves are having time to soften up in the water…. So try to make sure that you constantly keep your water just under a boil!
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