Vinegar & Water De-Icer — Does this really work?!

2Well, here in south-eastern Ontario we have finally been hit with our first snowstorm of the season, yahhhhh!!!!!! (And no, I’m not being sarcastic!)

Although I am absolutely so excited about finally getting some snow…. my truck windshield and windows are now completely covered with ice!

Every year, I see and read tons of blogs and blips about mixing water and vinegar to use as a car window de-icer…. and every year I think “Hey — What a great idea… I must try this!”…. And every year, I never do…. Until now!

Just about every recipe using vinegar and water that I read, called for about 1 part water and 3 parts vinegar. So, I found myself a nifty spray bottle and started mixing.

I then took a beautiful “before” picture of my truck window, and then started a-spraying! I then started waiting…. and waiting…. and waiting. Nothing happened! If anything, the sprayed mixture just created another layer of ice on my window… Eek!

Thanks to my simple little experiment, I can now safely tell you not to waste your time, it does not work! However, that being said, further research indicates that vinegar may be used to prevent ice build up, but whether or not this actually works, I cannot say.

If you have tried this and had a different outcome, please let me know! And for more tips & tricks on keeping your windows ice-free, check this awesome Creek Line House post out: Handy tips to de-ice your car and windshield!