How To Ripen Fruit And Vegetables Overnight!

How To Ripen Fruit And Vegetables Overnight!

Did you know that there is a trick that you can use to ripen your fruits and vegetables overnight?! I had never heard of this trick before, until the last time my wonderful grandma came to visit me!

We went to one of the local fresh farmer’s markets in town and picked up some yummy peaches… When we got back home, my grandma mentioned that if I wanted my peaches to ripen quicker, then I needed to do this one little, amazing trick! Continue reading

DIY Christmas Tree Garlands


Are you having trouble finding the perfect garland for your Christmas tree? Or perhaps you are just a little bit tired of the shiny tinsel garlands that just seem to be everywhere… Either way, the perfect garland can be hard to come by, and a garland can either make or break your Christmas tree!

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect garland, then why not make your own?! That’s why I’ve compiled this list of very easy DIY garlands that you can easily make yourself!

Whether your style is fancy, natural, rustic, classic, or just plain easy, there is something on this list just for you! And remember, you can take these different DIY garland ideas and apply your own color scheme to them or even put your own creative twist on them to make them just perfect for your tree!

Pretty Burlap Garland devised by Simply Notable


DIY Deco Mesh Garland devised by The Bajan Texan


DIY Cotton Ball Pom Pom Garland devised by Home Remedies


The Easiest Tree Garland Ever devised by Scout & Nimble


DIY White Feather Boa Garland devised by The Project Pile (This is what I came up with this year, and I just love it! Next year I’m thinking of maybe trying the same idea, only in either red or black… Can’t wait! Would you like to check out the rest of my Christmas tree decorations and ornaments?! You can read all about how I decided to spend a little more money on my Christmas decorations this year, and how I very carefully chose each ornament, and where exactly I found them, right here!)


Easy Cowboy Garland devised by North Pole West


DIY Wine Cork Garland devised by Fun Holiday Crafts


DIY Dried Orange Garland devised by Garden Matter


Paper Garland devised by A Cup of Thuy


Old Fashioned Popcorn Garland devised by For


The Flyest Fruit Fly Trap Ever! – [Dr. Sista-Thang-Says!]

1Guess what…. I can actually buy fruit now! I no longer have to worry about those super-annoying, super-gross fruit flies! (And yes, I actually quit buying fruit because of this!) — My Sista-Thang actually passed this one on to me, and it works soooo good! Thanks SO much Michelle, for sharing this awesome secret with us! 🙂

What you’ll need:

– 1/4 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

– 1 Tspn of Dish Detergent

– 1 Glass

– Saran Wrap

All you need to do is mix the Apple Cider Vinegar with the Dish Detergent in the glass. Next cover the glass with Saran Wrap and poke some holes in it. And — That’s it! (Seriously!)

How it works: The Apple Cider Vinegar attracts the pesky fruit flies into the glass through the holes in the Saran Wrap. Once the fruit fly is in there the Dish Detergent weighs the little guy down, and the sucker is TRAPPED! Yes! Awesome! 🙂