Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Faucets For Everyone!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Faucets For Everyone!Raise your hand if you are one of those crazy people like me, who loves a good kitchen faucet! Whether I am visiting someone’s home or strolling down the aisle of the local DIY store, I am always checking out the faucets!

Personally, I have always loved the looks of the old farmhouse style faucets… And the really nice thing about technology these days, is that we can now get these beautiful farmhouse/antique looking faucets, with all of the convenient functionality of the modern day faucet! It’s totally the best of both worlds! Yah! Continue reading

The Best Toilet Bowl & Sink Cleaner – EVER!


Want to know what the best sink & toilet bowl cleaner is — ever?! You’re never going to guess!!!
Its…. Mouthwash!!!!! How did I discover this super-weird phenomenon? Well, let’s just say… laziness + don’t ask!
All you need to do, is use mouthwash like you would any other regular, household cleaner. So simple, and it smells so good!