The Best Trick for Slicing or Dicing Avocados!

The Best Trick for Slicing or Dicing Avocados!

This is a quick and easy trick used for slicing or dicing an avocado, without even getting your hands dirty! Meal preparation time will be cut in half, and working with avocados just got even easier! 

Did you know that there is actually a really nifty little trick to slicing, or even dicing an avocado?! I had no idea until I learned this awesome secret at a yummy cooking class that my husband and I attended. This class took place quite a few years ago, but I’ve been using this trick ever since, and I’ve been dying to share it with you for so long! Continue reading

One quick trick for getting that sticky, way too tight lid, off of that darn jar!

Ok – so this little tid-bit of info is pretty tiny, but pretty impressive!

You know those super tight, super sticky lids that just don’t always come off of those darn jars very easily?!

Well maybe you have super big muscles and can open it yourself?! Or maybe you’re like me and you just get your husband to do it for you?!

But, what happens if your husband isn’t home?

Well, don’t panic! I’ve got the quickest and easiest little solution for you, right here!

All you need is a super knife. Sounds super scary, right?!

(Super, super, super, super, supper, oops… I mean super. I’m just so super excited for this trick! Can you tell?!)

Hehe, ok enough silliness… here’s what you do!

You really do need a knife…

You take this knife and very, very, very carefully stab, (yes, stab!), it into the top of the lid on your jar.

And – Poof! That’s it!

You’re done. You’re in. Pretty neat, right?!

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