Creating The Perfect Nursery For Your Little One!

Feature ImageCreating the nursery for your little one may sometimes seem overwhelming as you want everything to be just perfect! But it doesn’t have to be that way! It can really be made super simple, by simply just knowing where to start!

The first major steps to planning the perfect nursery are to pick colors and a theme…. yes there are soooo many choices out there…. How do you choose the right one??! Well…. I happened to stumble upon my theme by taking a trip to the local fabric store for something completely unrelated to the nursery!

While at the fabric store, I decided to take a stroll through the baby/kids’ fabric section, saw this beautiful John Deere green and pink fabric, and instantly fell in love! I immediately bought all of the fabric that was in stock on the spot! So if you are having trouble selecting the perfect theme for your nursery, I definitely recommend taking a stroll through your local fabric store! Whether you are looking for a boy, girl, or neutral theme, they will have LOTS of options to choose from!4As luck would have it, my super-talented Momma can sew! So she was able to make a beautiful quilt, a matching window valance, and a change table skirt!1So, since I was so easily able to stumble across my nursery theme, you might think that choosing the colors for the nursery was just as simple…. and guess what… it was! So how did I decide to paint the walls green and not pink, or white, or grey? I went out to my garage to see what I already had, and there just happened to be a can of green paint in stock — TOTAL SCORE!!! Well, almost total score… I only had enough paint to do three of my nursery walls… so, how did I choose the second color for the fourth wall? I went back out to the garage to check my stock pile, and found this nice neutral beige! To help tie it in and dress it up a little, I painted my special baby-to-be’s name and added a floral mural of the different colors of the nursery.2When decorating a room, I always like to do it “on a dime” and keep the budget to a minimum. To do this I like to have a nice combination of new and old. A trick that I use to ensure that all of my new and old objects go together, is to use many different shades of the same color.8The crib and change table were actually mine as a baby! The rocking chair is an antique from my parents farm, that I painted white and reupholstered, with super thick cushions, since I would be spending a lot of my future time in it! ūüėČ The ballerina teddy bear picture was also mine as a little girl, I just put it in an antique frame that I got for $2 at a yard sale and painted white.6For the mobile, I took and old used one and covered it in pink fabric. I then made little shapes, (a star, heart, tractor, butterfly and flower) out of left over material scraps. And then my crafty Momma had the brilliant idea to cover mini-canvases (from the Dollar Store) with matching fabric.<3¬†10And then on one special day, along came my very special, baby-girl, Miss Lacee Grace! <3 I couldn’t be more happy with how this beautiful nursery turned out!