Pretty Fall Foliage for Free!





This sudden turn of beautiful Fall weather has been not only super-refreshing, but super-inspiring as well! Last night, I decided to go for a walk to see what type of Fall foliage I could scrounge up for a lovely, homemade centerpiece… and boy, did I hit the jackpot or what?! The best part about my centerpiece is that it was free, and you know, I think it kind of looks super-professional, and I am super-proud of it! ūüėÄ

Every single piece of foliage used here is one — a weed and two — out of a ditch! Ditches are the best place to find a wide assortment of different plants, because lets face it, everything needs water to grow! See the big poofy-ball-thingies in the picture below, those are dried out thistle-heads… Pretty cool!

One major faux pas that I made, was that I forgot to wear gloves… So picking those thistle-heads was slightly painful, but well worth it! Other than remembering gloves, make sure that you also watch out for poison ivy and poison sumac… both can appear quite pretty, but they are just trying to trick you! Stay far, far away!

IMG_20151001_085208I hope that you have enjoyed this post and now feel inspired to create your own Pretty Fall Foliage centerpiece! Enjoy!