DIY Barnboard Bunny Family Art Deco

So lately, I have been seeing some of the cutest Easter décor ever, on Pinterest! There were two different ideas that caught my attention in particular…

The first idea that I loved was this really cute Moss Covered Bunny Canvas Art devised by The Kolb Corner.

The second idea that I saw was this beautiful, Rustic Double Easter Bunny Sign from CoastalCraftyMama on Etsy.

I honestly couldn’t decide which idea I liked better, so I decided to try and come up with something that incorporated both ideas…

And this is what I came up with!

(Umm… Please just ignore my super-wrinkly runner! I wasn’t actually going for that look! Total fail!) 

I decided to use an old piece of barnboard that I’d previously collected that was just hiding out in the project pile, begging to be used!

Since I couldn’t decide what material I wanted to use for my bunnies, I decided to use a little bit of everything!

I made four bunnies to represent our cute little family…

A mossy bunny for daddy bunny…

A spring pattern for mommy bunny…

Some white paint for cute, little, Miss Lacee Grace bunny…

And some pretty, rustic burlap for beautiful Baby Soffia Rose bunny!

Each of my bunnies are not exactly perfect, but then again, neither is my family! 😉

After finding my barnboard, the first thing that I needed to do was draw up my bunnies. To help with this, I scrounged up every circular Tupperware lid or any other circular objects that I could find.

My bunnies ended up being half-traced/just-winged it! But, if you’re not too confident in your “winging-it” skills, you can always find some bunnies that you like on the internet, and print them out and trace them.

I traced my bunnies onto the spring patterned and burlap materials, cut them out, and then used white sticky tack glue to fasten them to my board.

For my moss bunny, I first traced him onto the board, filled in the outline with the sticky tack, and added moss as I went.

For my painted bunny, I just placed the cut-out on the board and traced it with my white paint.

It took maybe an hour to complete this project, and that was while multi-tasking – trying to keep this crazy toddler entertained at the same time! (I-yiyi!!!)

I also made this pretty rag wreath out of the same material that I used for the mommy bunny, and I just love how it all looks together!

Psst! Like the bunny in this photo?! Learn how to devise your own… right here!

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    • Thanks, Adrienne! And oh yes… egg dying with little ones… takes DIY-ing to a whole other level!! LOL

  1. So absolutely adorable — I can’t wait to try it – (for myself AND for gifts) — thank you!

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