Easy DIY String of Wooden Beads (My amazing thrift store find!)

Lately, I have been seeing large strings of wooden beads all over in different home décor settings… At first I wasn’t one hundred percent sure about them, but the more I saw them, the more I fell in love and appreciated them!

Last week when I was out treasure hunting/thrifting, I happened upon a great find! A big bag of large wooden beads! I thought, oh my goodness, I bet I could just string these guys together, and voila! I would have my very own string of wooden beads!

So… I bought them, for a whole three dollars and ninety-nine cents! They even came with a couple of candles, and some weird thing, that I have no idea about what it is! Bonus!

The hardest part about this project, was finding about fifteen minutes to sit down and do it! Other than that, all I did was find a piece of long, hardy string and string them up.

I even let my three-year-old daughter help with this project. It held her attention span for a whole two minutes! Total win!

The holes in my beads were fairly large, but I still had to hold my string to a flame for a few seconds, to melt the end in order to prevent fraying.

After I strung my first bead on, I tied the string around the bead to act as a stopper for the rest of the beads. I also did the same thing to the very last bead on my string, in order to hold my beads in place. I then trimmed any left-over string, and that was it! Finished!

My only complaint is that I didn’t get to use them right away… As soon as I finished my crazy kid snatched them up and started running around the house screaming “Snake! Snake!”. The new “snake” did keep her occupied for over a whole hour, though!

I’ll definitely take this project as a win in the home decor department, as well as a win in the parenting department!

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4 thoughts on “Easy DIY String of Wooden Beads (My amazing thrift store find!)

  1. I love your story how you found them, and the way your daughter helped you create the string! I have a very similar blue on my walls, it’s “Teton” by Behr. What’s your shade?

    • Thanks so much Marg! And yes… my daughter is quite the little “helper”! LOL… The color on my walls is Blue Fir, and I love it! It’s also what I used on our living room walls downstairs! 🙂 It’s cool, but not too cool?!

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