Why I’m Obsessed with Flea Markets, and Why You Should Be Too! (Check out the newest additions to The Project Pile!)

Have you ever been to a flea market before?! If not, then you totally need to go! Even if you’re not that much into finding pieces of furniture to flip, there’s almost always something for everyone! Car parts, furniture, antiques, collectibles, toys, and usually lots and lots of junk… Sometimes items jump right out at you, and other times you may have to sift through, but if you wonder around enough, you’re sure to find something!

This weekend I was able to spend my whole Saturday at one of my favorite flea markets, back in my hometown, the Annual Stirling Agricultural Society Flea Market, which is always held on the first weekend of May.

This year it was unfortunately really miserable and rainy out, but that didn’t stop the majority of the dedicated vendors from still coming out. Plus, I think that the horrible weather may have had some sort of influence on the amazing deals that I got!

I always try to talk someone in to coming with me each year, and this year it was my dad… We got to the flea market around 10:30 am, and were only expecting to stay for a couple hours, but by the time we got out of there, it had been about four whole hours!

When we first arrived, we started wondering up and down the aisles, looking for hidden treasures. The whole place was basically a giant mud pit, but when I came across our first find, it all became more than worth it…

My dad is the one who pointed out these beautiful-ugly antique chairs. I saw them there and didn’t really pay much attention because I thought that I would never-ever be able to afford them. Luckily, the vendor heard us talking about them, came over and said he would give us a real excellent deal… I said OK, what’s the deal, just to humor him, but oh my gosh… When he gave the price, I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped and hit the ground! All I said was, SOLD!

Sixty bucks! That’s all that I paid for TWO of these beautiful antique parlor chairs!

I couldn’t believe the deal I got! And neither could the twenty other people who tried to buy them after me! When we went back to the vendor’s to pick them up, he said he even had an antique dealer get very mad at him for selling me the chairs for the price that he did! The antique dealer told him that they were worth at least two hundred and fifty dollars apiece in their current condition!

The more I look at the chairs, the more I love them! Obviously, the fabric is not my favorite, but if its original and can be properly restored, it will definitely grow on me!

The detailing on the wood is very intricately carved, everywhere! I haven’t got them all cleaned up yet, but I cannot wait to see what they look like when they are!

I’ve been trying to research them, but so far I can’t find anything exactly the same. I’m a little confused between identifying these different terms… Queen Anne, Victorian, needlepoint vs. tapestry?! Help! Do you know anything about these chairs?! Please comment below!

All I know, is that I’ve got quite a bit of research to do to figure out what they are, and how they should be properly restored… And although I am a DIY-er, I think I might definitely leave these two chairs for a professional!

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4 thoughts on “Why I’m Obsessed with Flea Markets, and Why You Should Be Too! (Check out the newest additions to The Project Pile!)

  1. I I Thank Thank you for this great site. Once I saw your quote Re; Flea markets I knew instantly I’d love whatever you posted or decided to show off. Amazaing simply amzaing. There is so much to be said and appreicatated about hand made anything, anymore, soit seems.
    I fear the many generations of strong women I am desended from whose hardwork paid off for many generations since via the many pricless collections and inhertiances passed down too many generations to count any more, shall fall to the way side. My grandmother was the last of her kind till I picked up where she’d left off. The tea set from the Civil War is still in the famiy, for example. Can you just imagine finding it at an old dirt road sale? My worst fear, is the “family history” fading into oblivion.
    However; am I not a hypeacrite to savor finds like your chairs that may have come from a long family line? The Ying and the Yang of life’s many parrells.
    Thank you for an enjoyable time in your site. ( as far as notifying me thats not up to me is it? But Thanks for asking)

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