Top Ten Costco Buys for Shopping on a Budget!

Oh man… I get so excited when it’s time to go shopping at Costco!!! I have to be very, very careful though… I’m one of those people who buys everything that I see! And my husband, well he’s not even allowed to shop there anymore, ever since the instance where he bought over $500 worth in blue paper towels! What the what??!! (Yep – that happened!)

I’ve now managed to put together a pretty solid system so I can now very efficiently and effectively shop at Costco, without getting into trouble!

I have my list of things that I now only purchase at Costco, which I’m totally going to share with you! I take my list, find these items, throw them in the shopping cart, then shut my eyes and run to the checkouts so I don’t throw fifty more things in my cart that I don’t actually need! Or buy something like a giant crate of avocados that will one hundred percent go bad before I even use four of them!  

Eeek! So now that I’ve mostly got my super-bad shopping habit under control, here is my list of the best things to buy in bulk at Costco!

  1. Magic Erasers! These are da’bomb! They work for everything. EVERYTHING! From removing the toughest of hard water stains in the bathroom, to the algae scum line on our boat after being docked all summer! Amazing… just amazing! Costco sells an assorted 12-pack of these guys, for under $13!

  1. Intuition Razors! If you are lazy — or just really busy like me, these razors are like the best invention, ever! Costco sells a razor with 12 refills! These lasted me literally, forever!
  1. Kirkland Conditioner! I’m actually still using this up! Costco sells a 2-pack of giant bottles for a more than reasonable price, and it’s actually good stuff, too! I always go through my conditioner way faster than my shampoo, so this is just perfect!
  1. Toilet Paper! Well, duh! Obviously buying toilet paper from Costco is a no-brainer!

  1. Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner! Ok, so these are actually the only cleaners that work with no scrubbing, in my toilet bowls. Where I live, our water is very high in iron, so our toilets are always turning orange! So frustrating! However, this stuff really works! Costco sells a 4-pack for less than $9!
  1. Cases of Water! So, I’m one of those people who still buys bottles of water… Please don’t hate! They are just way too convenient when you are always traveling (especially with a formula-fed baby – you don’t have to boil when you are in a remote area or vacationing), and they are perfect to store in the trunk of the car, because you just never really know what type of adventure you will be trekking out on! Costco sells huge cases of 40 bottles!

  1. Diapers! Costco always has amazing prices on diapers… Both Huggies and the Kirkland Brand!

  1. WD-40! Everybody needs WD-40, and if you haven’t used it before, you are missing out! Google it. Buy it. Use it!
  1. Lysol Wipes! Yes, I love the environment and using all natural cleaners, but let me be honest… With being a stay-at-home and a working momma of two (at the same time!), Lysol wipes just make my life a whole lot easier!
  1. Baby Wipes! Just like with diapers, Costco is also the best place to buy baby wipes! And again, both the Huggies and Kirkland brands are great prices and great quality!

And that my friends, is my list of top ten Costco Buys, especially for when you are shopping on a budget!