Miss Lacee Grace’s Bedroom Makeover!

Hey y’all! Today, I’d like to share my 3 year old daughter’s quick and easy bedroom makeover!

When my husband and I found out that we were expecting our second daughter, we decided that we better move our first daughter, Miss Lacee Grace, out of the nursery and into one of the other bedrooms in our house.

Her poor new room was desperately in need of a huge makeover! The floors were fine, but the walls definitely needed a little refresh!

Maybe some new furniture too! It kind of looks like a dorm room in these photos… Mis-matched furniture everywhere!

Wanting to give my daughter some say in her new room (even though she was only two at the time), I let her select the color… Of course, she picked purple.

Wait a minute… Isn’t this room already purple?!

Yes. Yes it is. So yes. I ended up painting an already purple room purple. Oh life!

I did decide to change it up a bit by painting it a dark purple color on some of the walls though, and then a light grey on the other walls, to ensure that it didn’t end up being too dark of a room.

I couldn’t decide what theme to use for her room, so I just started scouring antique and home décor shops until I found the perfect inspiration pieces… Beautiful steel butterflies!

Building on top of these inspiration pieces was very simple… I added some small gold butterflies that I came across while out shopping. They just stuck on the wall and were very easy to apply.

Oh! And see that “Dance like no one is watching” decal?! I found that at a yard sale for .50c a couple of years ago, and had been saving it for the perfect spot! (I think I found it!)

It always amazes me of what a little bit of fresh paint and a few simple décor pieces can do to a room!

I think she likes it!

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