Miss Lacee Grace’s Bedroom Makeover!

Hey y’all! Today, I’d like to share my 3 year old daughter’s quick and easy bedroom makeover!

When my husband and I found out that we were expecting our second daughter, we decided that we better move our first daughter, Miss Lacee Grace, out of the nursery and into one of the other bedrooms in our house.

Her poor new room was desperately in need of a huge makeover! The floors were fine, but the walls definitely needed a little refresh!

Maybe some new furniture too! It kind of looks like a dorm room in these photos… Mis-matched furniture everywhere!

Wanting to give my daughter some say in her new room (even though she was only two at the time), I let her select the color… Of course, she picked purple.

Wait a minute… Isn’t this room already purple?!

Yes. Yes it is. So yes. I ended up painting an already purple room purple. Oh life!

I did decide to change it up a bit by painting it a dark purple color on some of the walls though, and then a light grey on the other walls, to ensure that it didn’t end up being too dark of a room.

I couldn’t decide what theme to use for her room, so I just started scouring antique and home décor shops until I found the perfect inspiration pieces… Beautiful steel butterflies!

Building on top of these inspiration pieces was very simple… I added some small gold butterflies that I came across while out shopping. They just stuck on the wall and were very easy to apply.

Oh! And see that “Dance like no one is watching” decal?! I found that at a yard sale for .50c a couple of years ago, and had been saving it for the perfect spot! (I think I found it!)

It always amazes me of what a little bit of fresh paint and a few simple décor pieces can do to a room!

I think she likes it!

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Master Bedroom Dream Makeover Mood Board


So I’ve been wanting to re-do our master bedroom for a few years now…. We’ve been in our house for about six years, and I’ve got a few rooms finished (or almost finished!), but I have been completely putting off the master bedroom because it is just a huge room to paint! It has beautiful vaulted ceilings, and the color it is right now really isn’t that bad, (beige), but I feel like it needs a little more pizzazz!

I’ve finally been able to decide on a color pallet, somewhat similar to the colors that I’ve painted my kitchen, living room and dining room. (Surprise! Surprise!)

My amazing friend and neighbor, Courtenay from over at The Creek Line House suggested that I create a “Mood Board” for my master bedroom…. I wasn’t really sure of what exactly a mood board was, so she sent me her mood board that she created for her beautiful master bathroom as an example! She’s just so helpful! (Psst! Take a peek at The Creek Line House Master Bathroom Renovation Mood Board…. It’s really quite fantastic!!)

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration or motivation from the right people to get the ball rolling! So, without any further ado — I present to you, my Master Bedroom Dream Makeover Mood Board! (Click here to view the full PDF version: Master Bedroom Mood Board V04)

Post Insert 2

This mood board is a collection of inspiration colors, textures and pieces for my future master bedroom makeover! I love the look of a cooler aqua and grey color pallet, mixed with warm cream tones…. The assorted textures of wood, rod iron and lace will give the room a softened, yet slightly bold look! In case you can’t tell, I love the “old-world-antiquey” feel, and I feel like this unique mood board reflects my tastes perfectly!

Now, notice that I used the term “future” master bedroom makeover…. We’ll see how long it actually takes before I get around to it! I’m currently 7 and a half months pregnant and spend most of my time chasing my 2 year-old, wild-child, beautiful little Miss Lacee Grace…. Plus I think I’ll wait until I’m not pregnant to climb 20 feet up on the ladder to paint the walls! But — that doesn’t mean that I can’t start shopping! 😉

If you like any of these items, here are the links to all of the sources for my inspiration pieces!

  1. Vintage Wallpaper With blue floral victorian pattern Inna Felker

  2. Tranquil Color Scheme Paint Colors – Benjamin Moore

  3. Luxury Beige Ruffled Ruched Blackout Tulle Thermal Rose Curtain –  Lovely Decor

  4. Cream and Pink Patchwork Quilt – Bay Tree Home & Decor

  5. Vintage Crochet Lace Bedspread – Laurel Leaf Farm

  6. Tufted Round Storage Ottoman – Threshold

  7. Transitional Cyrus 7’9″x9’9″ Rectangle Camel-Aqua Area Rug – Loloi Inc.

  8. French Vintage Vuitton Style Travel Trunk – Jean-Marc Fray

  9. White Mother of Pearl Scalloped Mirror – Iris Furnishing

  10. Teal Rustic Scrolled Metal Wall Art Medallion – Pink Island Luxury

  11. Wood And Iron Nightstand – HF

  12. Wood Slab Head Board – Remain Simple

  13. Marsten 8-Drawer Tall Dresser – Restoration Hardware