How To: Naturally Destroy Nasty Weeds & Pesky Bugs!

Who loves weeds??? I’ll tell ya’ who…. NOBODY!!!! Especially when they are in your sand box! This can be no fun at all, for you or your little ones. ūüôĀ

But don’t fret!!! With just two simple ingredients you can easily prevent weeds from coming back, keep pesky critters out, and… your sand box will smell amazing too!!!
Sand Box Cleanup

So what are these two special ingredients, I’ll bet you are wondering…. Salt & Cinnamon!!! Ta-da!!! Yes, it’s that simple! A very wise friend once told me, that salt will dehydrate and exterminate your weeds, and that cinnamon will keep the bugs out!


My little one’s sand box is about 36 square feet, so I used 5 scoops of salt and 2 scoops of cinnamon! (And yes, my scoops are sand shovels!!) ūüėÄ

All Clean!

Mix the sand, salt and cinnamon altogether and viola — All Clean!! ūüôā