How To: Naturally Destroy Nasty Weeds & Pesky Bugs!

Who loves weeds??? I’ll tell ya’ who…. NOBODY!!!! Especially when they are in your sand box! This can be no fun at all, for you or your little ones. 🙁

But don’t fret!!! With just two simple ingredients you can easily prevent weeds from coming back, keep pesky critters out, and… your sand box will smell amazing too!!!
Sand Box Cleanup

So what are these two special ingredients, I’ll bet you are wondering…. Salt & Cinnamon!!! Ta-da!!! Yes, it’s that simple! A very wise friend once told me, that salt will dehydrate and exterminate your weeds, and that cinnamon will keep the bugs out!


My little one’s sand box is about 36 square feet, so I used 5 scoops of salt and 2 scoops of cinnamon! (And yes, my scoops are sand shovels!!) 😀

All Clean!

Mix the sand, salt and cinnamon altogether and viola — All Clean!! 🙂


DIY Barn Board Flower Box

DIY Painted flower box Sign made with Barn Board

If you are looking for a really quick and simple way to update your backyard this spring, this DIY painted flower box sign is a very easy way to add a little bit of character to your backyard. 

DIY Painted flower box Sign made with Barn Board

The cute little shed in my backyard had already had a flower box under the window, but it was starting to rot and completely falling apart… Plus it was just a little boring! Therefore, I decided to build a brand new flower box.

Rather than spend money on new materials, I just used an old deck board that I found behind the shed. The dimensions that I used to build this box were (WxHxD), 24″ x 4″ x 6″. I chose the dimensions of my box based on the size of barn board that I had, but you can make your box any size that you like!

DIY Painted flower box Sign made with Barn Board

Don’t forget to leave gaps for drainage so your flowers don’t drown when there is a heavy rainfall. My dimensions actually worked out perfect so that when I centered the bottom board a 1″ gap was left on each side for drainage.

DIY Painted flower box Sign made with Barn Board

After my DIY flower box was all assembled, I needed to fasten my piece of barn board to it. To do this, I nailed the barn board to the front of the box with finishing nails.

This piece of barn board came from my parent’s farm, and I had been saving it for a couple of years for some weird, random, perfect project, such as this!

I then used stencils and white paint to write the word “Welcome” across the front, but you can write anything that you like!

DIY Painted flower box Sign made with Barn Board

Once it was dry, I fastened it to my shed wall, filled it with soil and then added some pretty flowers. That’s it! It’s amazing how one simple little DIY project can have such a large impact, and completely take your curb appeal to the next level! 


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DIY Painted flower box Sign made with Barn Board

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