10 DIY Amazing Twine Projects (that you need to try, right now!)

Does anyone else have a slight obsession with twine, lately?! I love it! You can basically take any object, one that you don’t especially care for, wrap it in twine, and get a whole new look! It’s really like one of the easiest and least expensive décor hacks out there…

Did you know that twine is actually composed of two or more smaller strands that are individually twisted, and then twisted together, to make a larger strand.

I actually just had a flashback to my childhood years, and I think my fascination with twine may have all started when I was young and to keep busy while my parents were working in the fields on the farm, I would twist and braid pieces of bailer-twine… (And that’s how it all started?!)

Twine can be made out of both synthetic and natural fibers. Some of the more common natural fibers that you have probably heard of include cotton, jute and hemp.

Believe it or not, I have a huge list of things out in the project pile, that I cannot wait to wrap with twine!

My most recent twine wrapped project was my very own monogrammed letter, “G”. It was really easy and I just used some twine from the dollar store and upcycled some Styrofoam out of a box. You can check it out below in this list of fun and quick twine DIY projects! Enjoy!

DIY Monogrammed Twine Letter devised by The Project Pile

Twine Wrapped Bowl devised by The Creek Line House

Twine Wrapped Bottles devised by Mango & Passion Fruit

Twine’ified Eggs devised by Domestically Speaking

Painted Terracotta Pot with Twine devised by The Beauty DoJo

DIY Twine Wrapped Lampshade devised by The Handmade Home

Twine Wrapped Vase devised by Teach. Craft. Love.

Twine Wrapped Candles devised by Heather Cameron Stylist

Twine Flower devised by Debbie Doo’s

Twine Wrapped Garbage Can devised by The Creek Line House


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