The 10-Minute, 10-Dollar Pretty Fall Wreath!


Have you ever heard that saying, “Sometimes less, is more?” Well that is the basis of this ten-minute, ten-dollar pretty fall wreath that I’m about to share with you!


Short, simple and sweet!

Here is what you will need:

  • Grapevine Wreath (Walmart for $5)
  • Fall Leafy Thing (Dollar Store for $3)
  • Monogrammed Letter (I made this out of $2 worth of twine from the Dollar Store! Learn how to make your own $2 monogrammed twine letter – coming soon!)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Shim (for extra support)


The very first thing that I did was start playing with the layout of the leaves and my letter “G”. I decided that I liked the “G” placed the best on the bottom left hand corner of my wreath.


I then started pulling of the leafy pieces from my dollar store fall leafy thing, and started just sticking them into my wreath. I added just a few before placing my “G”.


When placing my letter, I noticed that it might need just a little bit of extra support…. I went out to the garage and found this handy-dandy shim which worked just perfectly. Even a paint stick, or anything that you can find will do!


After inserting my shim into the wreath, I then hot glued my letter to the shim.

The really great thing about this wreath is that nothing is actually glued or permanently fastened. This means that you can switch out the décor for the next season and reuse the wreath!

(I think maybe for spring I’ll leave the letter and add in some pussy willows that I have saved from our tree on the front lawn! I just have to actually remember this plan when the time comes, lol!)


Next I inserted the rest of my fall leafy things underneath my letter, and really – that’s it!

It only took about ten minutes to complete this wreath, (if even that)! And I mean for ten dollars? You can’t go wrong! I love, love, love all of the pretty fall wreaths that I always see at Michaels and Winners and other gift and home décor shops, but I just can’t ever justify spending forty to one hundred dollars, plus! And personally, I think my wreath turned out just as pretty – for a lot less!

So go ahead…. Give it a try! Post pictures of your very own beautiful homemade wreath in the comments below!