Christmas Morning Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Christmas Morning Breakfast Quiche!

This delicious quiche is the perfect Christmas Morning Recipe for you and your family! It is savory, delicious, and also festive looking! You can make this easy recipe the morning of, or the night before, and reheat to save time. Oh, and did I also mention that this is a Christmas Morning Recipe Blog Hop?! Be sure to check out these other amazing recipes at the end of this post!

While growing up, Christmas morning was one of those special times of the year that I really could never quite wait for… Continue reading

A little fall here, a little fall there, 2016 Fall Home Tour!

000Welcome to my home! This is actually the Project Pile’s very first fall home tour — ever! Fall is my favorite season decorating-wise, (and winter is, snowmobiling-wise!)… So I’m very excited to share this post with you!

Let’s start outside!


This is the front yard… not a whole lot going on out here yet, but I still love the view! The soy-a-beans are just about ready, and as soon as this rain clears up, I expect that the farmer will be out and ready to harvest them… My little girl Lacee, just loves tractors and combines, and will sit on the front porch and watch once the time comes. (Please ignore the un-mowed grass in this pic! We’ll just blame that on the rain, for now!)


This is the backyard, and as you can see, the leaves are just starting to turn… Maybe another week and they will be all ready?! Then we can rake and jump in them!


And here is my actual home… Come on in!


This year, I decided to decorate my front porch with some of my old antique pieces that I have been collecting over the years…


Here is my antique wagon wheel, and a few of my antique bottles that have been collected on my family’s 180-year old farm, over the years.


And here is my antique milk-can, also from the farm, and an antique ladder, from that area.


You can check out my full front porch décor here: A Rustic Fall Front Porch, using Some of my Favorite Antique Pieces!


From the front porch, let’s enter into the dining room! Just a little fall décor in here, so far. I still have to do my table-setting, but being the master-procrastinator that I am, probably won’t get it finished till the night before Thanksgiving! I just did a little decorating on the buffet in this room…


A few pine cones and flowers here…


A few hand-painted and real pumpkins there!

[Psst! You can learn how to hand-paint your own pumpkins here: How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!]


You can see my full buffet décor, and learn how I put this look together, here: A Quick & Easy Fall Buffet Makeover!


Now let’s mosey on down to the living room! Sorry, the lighting is a little more than off, in here… I love my big, beautiful front porch, but it really seems to hamper the photo-taking quality in this room… Oh well, what can you do?!

11On the way down, we pass my antique barn windows that were used as the seating plan for wedding…


All I did here, was switch out my regular white rose garland for some leafy-red sunflowers, and then hung a very simple wreath in the middle. Very colorful, and yet a really, really, simple update for fall!


These are my chickens! I actually stole these from my mother! I love them so much, they stay out all year, no matter the season. All I did here to dress them up for fall, was switch out the flowers in my faux flower box for some fall colored ones.


I did the same thing for this side-table… just added some more rusty-colored flowers for fall, plus my deer head!


Oh, and a few cutesy, little pumpkins too!


Oh… and just in case you wanted to see what the other half of my living room looks like, (the half that I always try to hide from you), here it is… Toy City, over here! LOL


Let’s head to the kitchen now!


Again, just some very simple fall season updates in here!


Pretty, mini pumpkins here…


Plus a few wicker pumpkins there!    


Oh – and let’s not forget my 2 second kitchen table centerpiece! All I did here, was take the leaves off of an old fall garland that I had kicking around, and stuff them into this transparent vase… Doesn’t get much easier than that!

OK… are you ready for my fall bedroom décor?!

Just kidding! I really wanted that to happen, but let’s face it… I’m just not that good! 😉

I really hope you enjoyed this “a little fall here, a little fall there,” 2016 Home Tour! Thanks for stopping by the Project Pile!

The 10-Minute, 10-Dollar Pretty Fall Wreath!


Have you ever heard that saying, “Sometimes less, is more?” Well that is the basis of this ten-minute, ten-dollar pretty fall wreath that I’m about to share with you!


Short, simple and sweet!

Here is what you will need:

  • Grapevine Wreath (Walmart for $5)
  • Fall Leafy Thing (Dollar Store for $3)
  • Monogrammed Letter (I made this out of $2 worth of twine from the Dollar Store! Learn how to make your own $2 monogrammed twine letter – coming soon!)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Shim (for extra support)


The very first thing that I did was start playing with the layout of the leaves and my letter “G”. I decided that I liked the “G” placed the best on the bottom left hand corner of my wreath.


I then started pulling of the leafy pieces from my dollar store fall leafy thing, and started just sticking them into my wreath. I added just a few before placing my “G”.


When placing my letter, I noticed that it might need just a little bit of extra support…. I went out to the garage and found this handy-dandy shim which worked just perfectly. Even a paint stick, or anything that you can find will do!


After inserting my shim into the wreath, I then hot glued my letter to the shim.

The really great thing about this wreath is that nothing is actually glued or permanently fastened. This means that you can switch out the décor for the next season and reuse the wreath!

(I think maybe for spring I’ll leave the letter and add in some pussy willows that I have saved from our tree on the front lawn! I just have to actually remember this plan when the time comes, lol!)


Next I inserted the rest of my fall leafy things underneath my letter, and really – that’s it!

It only took about ten minutes to complete this wreath, (if even that)! And I mean for ten dollars? You can’t go wrong! I love, love, love all of the pretty fall wreaths that I always see at Michaels and Winners and other gift and home décor shops, but I just can’t ever justify spending forty to one hundred dollars, plus! And personally, I think my wreath turned out just as pretty – for a lot less!

So go ahead…. Give it a try! Post pictures of your very own beautiful homemade wreath in the comments below!