How to Plant Succulents in Pretty Tea Cups!

How to Plant Succulents in Pretty Tea Cups!

Have you added succulents to your home yet?! These are really beautiful and hardy plants, that are very easy to care for. Here, I will show you how to pot succulents in pretty teacups and teapots, without drainage holes.


In addition to this little succulent potting tutorial, I have teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers! We have decided to help bring you a fun summer outdoors-y blog hop, full of fun ideas for your home! Don’t forget to check them out at the end of this post! 🙂 Continue reading

How to make your own Monogrammed Twine Letter for Less than $2!

15I’ve always wanted a monogrammed letter for my home… the letter ‘G’, to be exact, for our last name, Griffore! For years and years, I have been looking every time I hit up a Michaels or Winners… but every time that I found one that I really liked, it was just a little bit more money than I wanted to spend on a single letter. Especially when I kept thinking how easy it would be to make one…


Finally the other night, the perfect opportunity to make my very own monogrammed ‘G’ presented itself! Baby Gri-Gri #2, is due to arrive any day now, and we are so excited! So excited, that we decided to purchase a brand new crib for her! Now, purchasing a crib is one thing… putting it together is completely another! However, while my husband was busy putting it together, I couldn’t help but notice all of the beautiful pieces of Styrofoam packaging, that was just begging to be made into something!

1Our crazy little helper!

The first thing that I had do was steal the perfect piece of Styrofoam from our crazy little helper, before she completely destroyed it all!


Next I opened up ‘Microsoft Word on my trusty old lap top, and started flipping through different fonts until I found a ‘G’ that I liked to use as a guide. Now if you were really smart, you could just print your ‘G’ out, cut it out, and trace it onto your Styrofoam! However, my printer has been out of ink since the last school year ended, and I can never-ever remember to buy some more – or even remember to put it on my shopping list… So sad, I know! 🙁


Due to our major shortage of printer ink, my crazy little helper and I, had to get a little more creative! We ended up using a marker and a small Styrofoam plate to trace around. We then connected the top part of the ‘G’ to the bottom part, and used a straight edge to finish it up.


The Styrofoam was a little bit tricky to cut, and I found that a paring knife worked best. I kind of used the same technique that I use to carve my pumpkins… push it straight in, and pull it straight out!


After I finished cutting out my letter, it was time to make it pretty! I decided to use twine from the dollar store. It only took me one full roll of twine, plus about a quarter of a roll… so really, less than two-dollars’ worth!


All I did was use a hot glue gun to tack on my twine as I wrapped it, here and there, to help keep the twine in place.


And then, I just kept wrapping, and wrapping, and – wrapping! After my ‘G’ was completely covered in twine, I went back over any “skinny” looking areas, to thicken them up, to keep the overall shape of my letter consistent.


Ta-da! Here it is! Not too shabby, right?! I mean it’s not perfect, but that’s ok… it’s just very rustic looking! And I mean, like it only cost two dollars! You totally can’t beat that!


It turned out just perfect for my Ten-Minute, Two-Dollar Wreath!  

So go ahead, give it a try! And remember, you don’t have to just use twine… try burlap, or your favorite ribbon! Post your pics in the comments below, as I would love to see them! 🙂

How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!

How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!

You know those super-ugly pumpkins and gourds that you can get from the dollar store?!

How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!

OK, well maybe they aren’t that ugly…. Perhaps they just aren’t quite the right colors for your home décor? Well, guess what! You can transform those dollar store pumpkins into something beautiful that will work perfect for you!

How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!

It’s really way easier than you are probably thinking, too! I used chalk paint and acrylic paint, but really any type of paint that you have on hand will do!

Umm…. Step one – Ditch the toddler!!!! Just kidding! (Maybe!)

How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!Ok, step one for real now! The first thing that you want to do is mix up your base coat. I had some white chalk paint on hand, so I just simply added some dark green acrylic paint to it, until I created a color that I was happy with. Kind of like a mossy-mint green, I guess?! Next I applied this base coat to all of my ugly dollar store pumpkins. I actually applied two coats of paint for my base coat. This may vary depending on what type of paint you are using…. Just keep applying paint until you have full coverage!

How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!

Looking pretty good, right?! Definitely much better than before, but I still wanted to add a little more detail, so they looked just a little more realistic. Now you may think this is the tricky part, but really it’s quite simple, so don’t panic!

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How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!


I just picked out the accent colors that I wanted to add to my mossy-mint pumpkins, and put a dab of each color onto my pallet – uh, I mean mason jar lid! I then dabbed a little of each color onto my paint brush. The secret to get everything blended so well is to keep using the same paint brush for all of the colors, without rinsing in between.

How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!

I then started applying the accent colors inside the grooves of my pumpkins. Then I went back to each groove and “brushed it out” across the rest of the pumpkin, using vertical strokes only!

How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!

I just kept repeating this process for all of my pumpkins…. Playing with the accent colors until I was happy with them. I then went back and repainted my stems. Being the sloppy painter that I am, any extra paint that I got onto my pumpkins, I just “brushed it out”, and blended it in!

How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!

I then let my pumpkins dry.

How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!

And added them to my décor….

How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!

And I really couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!

How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!

Umm, are those fake or real?!

How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!


So go ahead and give it a try! Remember, if I can do it, you can do it! 😉

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Faux Pumpkins for Early-Fall Lovers! (Like Me!)

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How To Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins!

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How to Easily Remove Nail Polish from your Carpet!

6Aww, cutsie-little toddler toes! My two-year old beautiful daughter, Miss Lacee Grace, just loves having her nails done! The only problem is…. that she is two going on ten — and now thinks she can paint her nails all by herself! Eeeek!!! Yes, go ahead and judge my parenting skills — epic fail, I know! No matter where I hide it, that little one always finds it! And so, hence today’s post: How to Easily Remove Nail Polish from your Carpet! I thought that it was going to be a super-difficult task, but it turns out that it was way easier to get the nail polish out than I ever would have expected! (And as you can see, my carpet is unfortunately, white-ish!)

Let me introduce you to my new secret-little-weapon — Rubbing Alcohol! That’s all you need here…. well, a little bit of rubbing alcohol, some cold water to rinse at the end, and an old rag! So simple!

The first thing that I did was pour some rubbing alcohol on the stain, and let it soak into the carpet for about 10 minutes.


Next, I took an old rag and started scrubbing! Scrub, scrub, scrub! (If it doesn’t seem to be coming out easily, try adding just a little more rubbing alcohol while you are scrubbing!)


And to my amazement — It started working! See?! See?!


I scrubbed for about two minutes, and then it was all clean! Next I rinsed my rag with cold water and gave the carpet another little scrub just to help dilute any rubbing alcohol that hadn’t fully evaporated yet.


I couldn’t believe how well and how fast this trick worked!

[If you are interested in some more handy tips and tricks that my amazing, new secret-little-weapon — Rubbing Alcohol, is also really good at, check out this post from my friend Courtenay, over at The Creek Line House10 Almost Life-Changing Uses for Rubbing Alcohol!]


Meal Planning – A How-To Guide

Meal Planning - A How-To Guide


Meal planning can sometimes seem like a daunting task, but it really doesn’t have to be… Follow this simple meal planning guide, and you will learn how to eat well and save money at the same time!


Yes — If you are anything like my husband and I, we eat out everyday for lunch…. breakfast too!


And at night, we find it way too easy to give in to our daily cravings of whatever might come our way…. Maybe it was that Burger King that we drove by on the way home from work, that DQ commercial that we just saw on TV…. Continue reading

Cedar Boughs! – A How-To-Guide


Why spend money on Christmas decor, when you can simply make your own? Here’s how to create the Perfect Cedar Bough!

Step 1: Gather your cedar bows. Cedar trees are a very popular North-American tree that you can find growing just about anywhere!

Step 2: Take your cedar boughs and line them up end to end, overlapping the ends about 3 or 4 inches. Layer as many boughs as you like on top of each other until you get a nice “full” look.

Step 3: Cut about a 3 or 4 inch strip of wire and wrap it around the bow ends. Take the ends of the wire in a pair of pliers, and twist. (Be careful, if you twist the wire too  much it may break off!)

Step 4: Hang and decorate as you please! 🙂