Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Easter Décor! (All you really need are a few good pieces!)

Can you believe that I never really had any Easter décor, before last year?! I still kind of can’t even believe it myself! I guess it’s because Easter is usually a pretty big traveling holiday for us.

However, since I’m now a mom, I decided that I should probably put on my mom-hat, hunker down and buy some Easter décor. So I did… but I tried to be very wise about it!

Sounds silly, right?! Well if you happened to catch my Christmas décor post that I did this past year, you would have seen that after alllll of these years, I finally figured out the right way to purchase seasonal décor!

If you actually spend money on just a few really beautiful, really classic pieces, that can be strategically placed into your seasonal décor year after year, you can actually end up saving a ton of money!

The first piece that I came across that I instantly fell in love with, was this gorgeous wooden, white Easter sign. I saw it at Winner’s, and thought, oh, how amazing would this look on my dining room buffet?! Then I actually ended up using it on my dining room table… But this means that it can be strategically placed on my buffet next year, and look like a whole new piece!

While I was on my little, mini-Winner’s Easter décor shopping spree, I found this gorgeous wreath! Sold! I love how it is made up with different shades of green… To me, it just says “welcome spring!”

I think it looks just perfect plain, but when I want to switch it up over the next couple of years, I can add tulips, or eggs, or ribbon, and get an entirely different look! (So easy, breezy, beautiful, right?!)

Oh, my big, beautiful, wicker Easter bunny! I just love him! Also from Winner’s… To me, wicker is classic. It is a natural element, and therefore will never go out of style! Plus, if I do get a little bored with him, I can change up his bow, or weave some flowers into him… Tons of options there!

And next on the list…


Lots of eggs! Eggs are classic. You can do anything with them, and you can basically put them anywhere. Eggs are definitely a must, when it comes to Easter décor!

Flowers. I have always, always, always pretty much down-right refused to spend money on flowers. Why buy $16 flowers from Michael’s when you can just go to the dollar store? Well, I’ll tell you why… When I was cruising around Michael’s on my little, mini-Easter shopping spree, I saw these gorgeous, tiny little spring flowers, and well, that was it… I instantly fell in love with them. They are actually made out of paper rather than plastic, and even though they ended up costing a pretty penny, I do not regret them, one single bit!

BUT! Speaking of the dollar store… these cutesy, little Easter bunnies did come from there! I just added my own personal touch with a little bit of chalk paint. You can check it out here, Easter Bunnies — Dollar-Cheap to Super-Chic!

Here’s a shot of how all of my Easter décor pieces look together… This year! Be sure to check back in at The Project Pile, to see how I’ll be switching it all up for the years to come!

Do you have any classic or favorite Easter pieces that you have been using forever, or plan to be using forever?! I would love to see, so post a pic in the comments below! 

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